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I’m Richard Dwyer, an experienced graphic designer with a studio background. My approach is straight forward - I like to design stuff that looks nice and that works for you!

I’ve worked on projects for big names, small names, and some in-between names! But whoever I am working with, everyone gets my full attention. I always bring focus, creativity, fresh ideas and enthusiasm to design projects. Whether you want a new logo, a complete branding overhaul or marketing collateral, I will work with you to design artwork that gets attention and helps achieve your objectives.

A genius designer, a joy to work with and just a top, top bloke!

Victoria Northbrooke

Some of the people we work with

Values and vibe


I can’t promise that all your wildest dreams will come true but I can promise to work with integrity and to go about things in the right way even if it means going the extra mile.



It’s not about me its about you … I take time to understand your project or service offering, its challenges and your ultimate goals. I also understand that anything I design for you hasn’t only got to look nice, it needs to be considered and authentic so that you feel ownership of it and it does the job it is intended to do.



I’m a firm believer that the proof of the pudding its in the eating and not in the menu description. I don’t really talk-the-talk, in a slick sales way but I do do good design, and I think that speaks for itself. I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, I prefer to let other people big me up.



I like to say that ‘there is no such thing as multi-tasking’ (there probably is but it’s for me). I’m a big fan of focusing on one thing at a time. Focus is so important for me because it helps me to think properly, solve design problems and make decisions effectively. Whatever project I’m working on gets 100% focus and that works out pretty well!



No-one likes a a know-it-all! And I find that, in the pursuit of creative innovation, things tend to work out better if leave my ego at the door and approach everything with a degree of humility and curiosity. It gives me the opportunity to learn something and grow beyond my current level of experience, and also to deliver better design solutions for you. Win Win!


Dickie is an incredibly talented designer, with exciting and innovative ideas, he works well to meet the clients brief, giving excellent results, he is also an incredibly good guy!

Rachel GegeshidzeWales and West Manager, Tempo

I can’t recommend Lovely Stuff highly enough. Dickie has been amazing and I am so pleased with the work he’s designed and built for me. From the start, he really took the time to listen to what I thought I wanted, to understand my business and to really take on board my passions and what lies at the heart of me and my business. He asked some great challenging questions, which were so needed. He’s been extremely patient, supportive and well, just great really and has made the whole experience a really positive one. Dickie, I can’t thank you enough. I am so glad I found you.

Emma PughLiving Deliberately

An excellent creative edge, an eye for detail, superb artistic talent and excellent customer service. We heartedly recommend him to any other potential customer. He has not yet failed to deliver anything other than consistent excellence.

Robin VincentCEO, Care for the Family

We couldn’t recommend a designer more highly. Dickie has an incredible ability to translate the ideas and thoughts that we had about the look and feel we wanted into reality, and always surpassing our expectations. A pleasure to work with on projects he delivers on time and to an incredibly high standard. We would recommend him to anyone, as long as he keeps enough time to continue doing design for us. We are certain that Dickie’s design skills were integral in the set-up and delivery of our event and a large part of our continued success.

Henry WiddicombeLittle Wander

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